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Forward secrecy does not protect against active attacks such as forged DNS replies or forged TLS server certificates.

If such attacks are a concern, then the SMTP client will need to authenticate the remote SMTP server in a sufficiently-secure manner.

Later revisions to the TLS protocol introduced forward-secrecy cipher suites in which the client and server implement a key exchange protocol based on ephemeral secrets.One for the now long-obsolete "export" cipher suites, and another for non-export cipher suites.Postfix has two such default combinations compiled in, but also supports explicitly-configured overrides.Sessions encrypted with one of these newer cipher suites are not compromised by future disclosure of long-term authentication keys.The key-exchange algorithms used for forward secrecy require the TLS server to designate appropriate "parameters" consisting of a mathematical "group" and an element of that group called a "generator".

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