Online dating guys to avoid

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Have you ever received a flirty direct message on social media from a guy you barely knew?According to Allure, hitting someone up through their DMs is super popular these days, and every once in a while, it does work out—there are people who have met their spouses on social media!Think about it: you already know each other quite well, you don’t have to try so hard to impress each other, you probably have some mutual friends already, and you trust each other. Look, ghosting seems like it is the biggest trend in modern dating these days. According to Glamour, a higher percentage of people are actually meeting their significant others on online dating sites these days, and instead of just going for casual flings, they’re getting into long-term relationships—in fact, some of them are even getting married! According to Allure, this is when someone will consistently like and comment on your social media posts, but rarely makes an effort to reach out in real life.Even though we all know how much it hurts to get ghosted, doing it to someone else feels like the easy way out of a relationship that wasn’t working out. According to Cosmopolitan, the answer is no—the majority of people who have been ghosted by someone who they thought was actually into them say that it had a long-term effect on their self-confidence in the dating world. If you aren’t feeling super-confident, this can seem like an easy way to get on someone’s radar without actually interacting with them too much offline.

According to Cosmopolitan, couples today say that one of their favorite things to do together is travel when possible.

Plenty of people realize that it can be hard to make friends as an adult.

According to Self, more women and men report that they have been going to “meet-ups” in their respective cities, which are groups that start online around a particular hobby or activity and invite anyone interested in the particular activity to attend an event.

Cohabitation is a pretty big decision, and it should not be taken lightly.

Many couples will do it just to save money, but this trend isn’t always a smart idea. Come on, not in 2019—it’s time to get way more creative than that!

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