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Have recommended and will continue to recommend the site to others. For most of my adult life, I've had trouble making friends. After many failed attempts, I became increasingly self-conscious, developing deep-seated social anxiety and a fear of rejection."There aren't a lot of opportunities to socialize in Walnut Creek." Before long, though, she did meet someone who turned out to be a pretty good friend."We both went into it looking for the same thing: friendship. Vina has been around since January of last year, but didn't launch globally until last September.

I gave a brief description of my interests (comedy, food, board games, baseball) and my overall personality (nerdy with a snarky sense of humor). The only ones for whom I swiped left were profiles that were mostly blank or those that struck me as pretentious. Vina only matches you with people who swipe right on you too. I still don't know if that helped, but within a day, I received four "Dittos" (that's Hey! Excited but also nervous, I responded to all of them with a "Hi! A few hours later, though, I received a response from someone. But after a few back and forth messages, we couldn't agree on a time and place and the conversation died.

In fact, maybe it's because of the bullying I suffered in high school, but female friendships have always eluded me. At the same time, I've always envious of close female friendships.

The Sex in the City idea of a girls' night out is completely foreign to me. I didn't have a bachelorette party before my wedding (since I have no female besties) and I feel like I missed out.

You do need to use Facebook to register, mostly to see if it can find matches based on mutual friends or other commonalities, but it's free to join.

Similar to some dating apps out there, you start out by filling out your profile with some basic information about yourself and as much detail as you want. Vina, you're encouraged to be honest about your personality.

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