On line dating etiquette

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A lot of people clearly didn't know what to write in an online dating message.

Mainly, online daters didn’t market themselves in the best possible way, which made it challenging for others to initiate contact with them.

Several factors contribute to and enhance a member’s chance of being successfully matched — one of which is their Match Settings.

Your Match Settings create the matching pool we can use to search for your matches.

” In this article, I will be reviewing the Distance Setting. The thing I’d like you to keep in mind, though, is you are looking for your soul mate, and the truth be told, no one knows where he or she might be.

Also, when indicating your location, you may want to list both cities as your “My City,” for example, Los Angeles/Tampa and add a word of explanation in your About Me page about your living situation.

But now you will also be able to receive matches who may be a distance away but may have potential to be The One — giving you the option of deciding if you want to take a chance on this match or not.

• Something we often hear from members who set their distance preference to a 30 or 60-mile radius is that they do so because they are unable to travel very far to spend time with a match or, should the relationship progress, are unable or unwilling to move and feel it is unfair to expect their match to do the traveling or be the one to relocate.

Also, if things get too hectic right before and after the move, you may want to turn the matching service off on your account, then when you are settled in, turn it back on.

And, as in the previous two cases, your About Me page is a great way to keep your matches informed about your upcoming move and will give matches whom you received based on your “old” zip code the option of starting or continuing communication with you regardless of your upcoming move.

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