Office communicator 2016 status not updating

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Notice how two of the above statuses are set to busy and the other two are set to do-not-disturb. The LCID number is based on location which in this case is the United States.In the image you will see a registry string entry that needs to be added and is called Custom State URL.All you needed to do, if you had the right Office 365 subscription, was to download it from the software portal, deploy it to your users, control some settings through GPO, and , it just worked.Yet since September 2015, when Office 365 customers using Office 2013 started getting the offer to upgrade to Office 2016, no warning was given to them that by doing so you are actually going to degrade your functionality and available services—even though you are actually paying for them.It is in our opinion a very strange behavior, because most e-mails rather on Microsoft Exchange servers are created so that the first letters of the name and the names are spelled with a capital letter.In this case, at the time of implementation of all the Lync 2013 client, suddenly we had a lot of users unhappy with the operation of the new client.

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Below is an example that displays four MS Communicator statuses and the basic format of what Communicator will read in terms of statuses.The Skype for Business 2016 installation URL located on the Office 365 homepage is not routing affected users to the newest version of Skype for Business.As a result, some users may receive the error message: “We have detected that you have a newer version of Office installed on your device. P(1);var d="append Child",g="create Element",i="src",k=h[g]("div"),l=k[d](h[g]("div")),f=h[g]("iframe"),n="document",p;"none";e.insert Before(k,e.first Child).id=o "-" j;f.frame Border="0"; "-frame-" j;/MSIE[ ] 6/.test(Agent)&&(f[i]="javascript:false");f.allow Transparency="true";l[d](f);trycatch(s)trycatch(t)a.Update 11/10/13 – This issue has been resolved with the release of the November 2013 Cumulative Update. With the release of the September 2013 Cumulative Update for the Lync 2013 client, there is a known issue with presence not updating based on the user’s free/busy status from their Exchange calendar.

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