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When asked to sum up their findings, associate professor Jennifer Romich said, “Employers knew about it, they did it and it wasn’t all that hard.” According to the study, 8.2 percent of employers raised prices to compensate for providing paid sick leave, while 6.4 percent of surveyed employers reported having to decrease bonus pay or raises.

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Austin City Council members voted early Friday to require all private employers in the city to provide employees at least six to eight days of paid sick leave, depending on the size of the company.

“I support employers providing paid sick leave for their employees, but it is not the role of government to mandate that employers do this," he said at a press conference Friday."The free market is the best determiner of these types of policies.” Mornings at Hoover’s Cooking are spent hammering beef to make it thin enough for the restaurant’s best-selling dish: chicken fried steak.

Several studies have found the financial impact on local businesses to be minimal.

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