Novak djokovic dating anna

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Until their recent successes, tennis ranked lower on the sporting consciousness here than volleyball, handball and water polo. I still don't have the right breathing on the court, exhaling when you're hitting the ball. I was in the hospital and for three days I couldn't breathe because I had things in my nose, it was terrible. Alongside him sit his two younger brothers, teenager Marko and year-old Djordje, both promising players. When someone asks him who his tennis idols are, he replies: But I like myself the best.

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No sooner has she dispatched the subject of Robbie Williams than she is happily lobbing George Clooney into the conversation and skilfully volleying the topic of Slobodan Milosevic back over the net.The couple tied the knot in December They got engaged inless than four months after Hewitt's break-up with tennis star Kim Clijsters.A few months later, they got married and have three children together.In his family's Belgrade office, in one of the city's ubiquitous concrete blocks, the young man who is the family business offers drinks with the kind of manners that would please your mum.There have, it transpires, been a few phone calls from hopeful mothers.

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