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Am looking for a beautiful Ukraine wife younger than me by at least 30 yrs please I know just want a young wife and mind, .petite shorter than 5' 4 " tall weight 50 kg, more or less..wants a new life in America wi..

Petite, smart, witty, loves life, no children or children grown, not sure I want any more,not lazy, will help with the house and whatever we decide to do as a couple, theres no maids here at my house.....we'll be cle.. I'm your laid back guy that wants to learn something new each day ..

While our escort girls are always looking their best and well dressed we know that sometimes a lady looking too glamorous can draw too much attention to you and for these reasons our ladies always come prepared with multiple outfits, clothing and shoes that are appropriate for any encounter. And like anyone who has ever dated whilst inhabiting a body that is outside the mainstream, I have a lot of stories about being fetishised.

Just looking to spend a quiet night at home and have nosy neighbors? Unlike a lot of people though, I know a heck of a lot about fetishes because for two years I worked for an escort agency as a receptionist (translation: phone pimp). My special skill was working out exactly what the client wanted and crafting my descriptions of our “contractors” to what would fit his desires best.

We can make those dreams a reality for you and on your own time table.

We have a selection of women who possess those exact qualities that you desire most.

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We have found that your tastes are so varied that it is better for us to have more selection so that you can always find a match with one or more of our provider girls.Additionally our regular clients know that they can always call girls from our service and be confident that each and every time you call you can get a new, different beautiful lady that you can spend time with.So if you are a person that likes a change of pace and a variety then we are the perfect Manhattan escort agency for you.Of course need to get an address and phone number in order for your model to meet with you, but once the appointment is complete your information is destroyed.We will never contact you or share your information with anyone because we don’t have it.

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