Non commercial dating

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Frank Costanza cites its "very high strength-to-weight ratio" as appealing. According to Frank, "I find tinsel distracting." Dan O'Keefe credits fellow Seinfeld writer Jeff Schaffer with introducing the concept.

The aluminum pole was not part of the original O'Keefe family celebration, which centered on putting a clock in a bag and nailing it to a wall.

In 20, a Festivus Pole constructed with 6 feet (1.8 m) of beer cans was erected next to a nativity scene and other religious holiday displays in the Florida State Capitol Building, as a protest supporting separation of church and state.

In 2015, the same man was granted permission to display a Festivus pole decorated with a gay pride theme and topped with a disco ball to celebrate the United States Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage, at state capitols in Florida, In 2016, the Tampa Bay Times became the first newspaper to allow readers to submit Festivus grievances through its website, with the promise to publish them on December 23, the day of the Festivus holiday.

Failing to pin the head of the household results in Festivus continuing until such requirement is met.

Cosmo Kramer twice declares a "Festivus Miracle" during the Festivus celebration in the Costanza household.

The head of the household selects one person at the Festivus celebration and challenges them to a wrestling match.

Tradition states Festivus is not over until the head of the household is pinned.

Attempting to call his bluff, Kruger goes home with George to see Festivus in action.

The non-commercial holiday's celebration, as depicted on Seinfeld, occurs on December 23 and includes a Festivus dinner, an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, practices such as the "Airing of Grievances" and "Feats of Strength", and the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles".

Festivus was conceived by author and editor Daniel O'Keefe, the father of TV writer Dan O'Keefe, and was celebrated by his family as early as 1966.

It's crazy and hilarious and just so funny and so disturbing.

It's awesome." includes practices such as the "Airing of Grievances", which occurs during the Festivus meal and in which each person tells everyone else all the ways they have disappointed them over the past year.

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