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In “Every Young Man’s Battle,” Stephen Arterburn quotes David, a 17-year-old, who said: Let me say this: it is possible to masturbate with a clean mind and eyes, because I’ve done it.

I have to tell you, however, that it really takes a long time without visual stimulation or fantasizing – even if I’m trying to get it over quick. That isn’t good because then my motor is riding the red line, and then the mind gets difficult to control, and I drop back into sin.

Masturbation seems to fall short of this design, and in the act and the residual guilt, it does the opposite. Masturbation skews our view of sex into being about our pleasure and a quick fix rather than the focus being on giving and intimacy in a committed marriage relationship.

Some may worry what may happen were we to not masturbate, given the production of sperm in the male body, but God designed nocturnal emissions as a natural release when we are unable to engage in sexual activity.

Well, perhaps I’m just not gifted in this area, but I found it quite impossible. I had a seminary professor who mentioned that when he traveled extensively, he didn’t feel it was a sin when he masturbated thinking about his wife.We’re not saying that the issue isn’t important for us, or to God, but that our consciences are out of alignment with the truth of Scripture on the magnitude of this sin.A godly man who taught me as a young Christian used to say to our men’s small group Bible study that while the Bible doesn’t mention masturbation, it clearly states that lust is a sin.It’s a principle that says excess, or fleshliness, in one area of your life will overflow into others.Aiding us, then, in our battle against masturbation is a lifestyle that avoids excess or fleshliness on all fronts.

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