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Although the proposition of four types is not new (Plato, Jung), her nomen clature and their biochemical foundation represent a frontier of relationship science, albeit one that is thinly populated and open to flanking attack. Fisher contends that dating online is a reversion to an ancient, even primal approach to pairing off.She conjures millions of years of human prehistory: small groups of hunter-gatherers wandering the savanna, and then congregating a few times a year at this or that watering hole. And surely anything that can be marshaled against the forces of loneliness is a good thing.Nevertheless, I was surprised to find, upon moving out of NYC, that there’s still considerable stigma surrounding the practice, that in certain quarters it’s considered to be the electronic equivalent of taking out a personal ad.They rely on algorithms, those often proprietary mathematical equations and processes which make it possible to perform computational feats beyond the reach of the naked brain.

In fact, they almost run their sites like laboratories, constantly testing out new theories, refining old ones, even observing couples in person.

Which is sort of like claiming that cell phones are a luxury for the rich and famous to have in their cars…

This being our brave new world, whether we like it or not (and the movie poster to the right notwithstanding).

Sometimes the man says he’s straight but the profile reads gay.

Sometimes he neglects to mention that he is a convicted felon. In 2005, in response to the success of e Harmony, began developing a new site—a longer-term-relationship operation with a scientific underpinning.

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