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View the data quality statement for Country of birth of mother (BPFP) There were 11,471,296 people who reported being in the labour force in the week before Census night in Australia.Of these 57.7% were employed full time, 30.4% were employed part-time and 6.9% were unemployed.View the data quality statement for Number of registered motor vehicles (VEHD) In Australia, 83.2% of households had at least one person access the internet from the dwelling.This could have been through a desktop/laptop computer, mobile or smart phone, tablet, music or video player, gaming console, smart TV or any other device.To access the hidden content within each section, select the section to display the content, then use arrow keys to navigate down to the expanded content.

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In the year before the Census, 19.0% of people did voluntary work through an organisation or a group.

View the data quality statement for Family composition (FMCF) In Australia, of couple families, 21.6% had both partners employed full-time, 4.1% had both employed part-time and 21.7% had one employed full-time and the other part-time.

View the data quality statement for Labour force status of parents / partners in families (LFSF) Of occupied private dwellings in Australia, 72.9% were separate houses, 12.7% were semi-detached, row or terrace houses, townhouses etc, 13.1% were flats or apartments and 0.8% were other dwellings.

View the data quality statement for Educational Institution Attendee Status (TYSTAP) Of people aged 15 and over in Australia, 15.7% reported having completed Year 12 as their highest level of educational attainment, 15.7% had completed a Certificate III or IV and 8.9% had completed an Advanced Diploma or Diploma.

2011 benchmarks are not available for this data item.

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