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Once I did that, being American didn’t hurt me – on the contrary, many of them were very impressed.

But if I opened with something blatantly American, such as, , I was simply blown out of the water.

I’ve since been back to Budapest numerous times, and am happy to report that is still a relatively accurate piece, despite the hordes of British stag parties doing their best to ruin the great city that is Budapest.

Peopled asked me to provide details about Hungarian women on social media, including: 5’9″ on a good day. Always in a blazer at a minimum, with a pocket square and a nice watch.

So it makes sense that a Californian is practically a celebrity there.

In Budapest, I found that the Hungarian girls were either , the reactions from fellow tourist girls, who were also visiting Budapest, varied at all times.

With the Hungarian girls, I found it best to withhold my American identity until I’d had a chance to get deeper into the conversation.

This meant not opening with, “Do you speak English? The best opener I used on the entire trip, with the most success was simply, Seems too good to be true, because in America you sometimes have to play monkey game with girls in order to grab their attention.

When I rolled through Poland for the first time – girls loved me.It made me appear as a guy leveraging my American status to talk to girls, and lacking the confidence just to talk to them as a “normal” person.And I really do mean blown out of the water – ask Jeremy or Lucky about it.You will find yourself not being an asshole simply because they don’t open any doors for you to do so.On the contrary, American girls throw so many repeated shit tests at you it’s easy to just smash it out of the park by making fun of them.

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