Nate and jennylee still dating

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However, Jeff and Jordan are one of the few reality TV success stories, so they have that going for them.This was an early “showmance” — before the term was even used to describe Reality TV pairings. “No one gets between me and — if only because people preferred to give her the money over Rob. Nate and Jennylee, This one was almost a tie, and it almost went to Cher and Wes from season 2, but UFC ring girl Jennylee and funny guy Nate took it down because I had a little crush on Nate myself — I mean, he was part of a tribute band, which is hot. Even though it is a total cliche, there is something compelling about narcissistic “hot” chicks finding out they have a lot in common with someone that they might not typically get to know in their real lives.

By Amanda Festa In the early days of reality TV — you know, when strangers were chosen to live in a house and have their lives taped — it was a social experiment in exploring human differences.Their chemistry was unparalleled, and their cocky diary room antics were always fun to watch — because in the end, while they could be obnoxious, they were there to play the game. The guys got some action and the girls got...well, the girls just got real bitchy.Just catch an episode of and Peeping Tom them laying in a hammock for a couple hours. Will and Mike Boogie, history consisted of this infamous duo — the slick plastic surgeon and the offbeat restauranteur — who dubbed themselves Chilltown.After doing so, you will be sure of two things: their feelings for each other and the fact that you need to get out more. While they weren’t technically a showmance, they both had enough showmances on their respective plates — in fact Dr. Will brought home the 0K their first season together, but Chilltown was reunited for , and Boogie took home the prize.

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