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Police sources said a search had been initiated to find and rescue the school girl.This incident happened at the village of Chibinang, close to Phulbari in West Garo Hills.The people of northeast India are at the center of this tempered adventure. The name ‘Japan’ was not new to them, for most of the tribes in Assam were familiar with the fact that the Japanese military had come as far as Imphal.She explains about the Garo, “Like the Japanese and Chinese, they are of Mongoloid stock. Many of the uncivilized tribes living in Assam were headhunters until recently, so they speak with great respect of the ‘courage’ of Japanese soldiers.” To the Naga peoples in Manipur further east, upon whose lands the Burma Campaign was actually fought, Nakane finds herself apologizing for the Japanese army’s plunder of food stores during World War,167" data-large-file="https://i0com/ fit=655,365" / Tura A 17 year old school girl allegedly and forcefully abducted on March 27 while she was returning from School.

Into the wild beast-infested jungles of the uncivilized tribes of India, a young female anthropologist travels alone.The land lady then handed over the girl to her eventual kidnapper, identified as Sahinur Mondal (40), who was waiting in an auto rickshaw.The girl was then allegedly taken by Mondal and his friends to Assam.But in an age when only moneyed or grant-funded Japanese traveled overseas, Nakane’s difficulties in finding an interpreter, securing transportation, and accepting strange food and pungent liquor from curious hosts who had never before seen a Japanese woman – Japanese male soldiers had been plentiful in the region during the war – all of this would have struck readers as fresh and captivating.Certainly they would have found the promotional copy on the book’s wrapper (its obi) so.

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