My ex dating ugly guy

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So my long time gf and I broke up a couple of months ago but have remained pretty close friends and still spend a lot of time together.

I always assumed we would get back together because we were very attached to each other and best friends.

One of my best friends (a woman) has an ex who is preposterously good looking.

When he was single, EVERY time I'd go out with him, whether it was a bar or a J.

Crew, women (incredibly hot women, too) would approach him.

If she is “your person”, I suggest you commit to her, move in together, and let her cuckold you. Your feelings are telling you it’s the right thing, you messed up by not committing before, so fix it. Sometimes we don't see the value in front of us until it is gone. You didn't want to commit to her but now that she is bonding with this new man you don't want to let go.Talk to her and find out if she views you as a friend, a friend with benefits, or something more than that. If she wants to be monogamous with this new guy you will have to accept a friend only role or step aside. she really wants you in her life, she'll reach out to you and then you can set some terms for restarting the relationship.I thought she would come home around midnight and she has told me she won't be gone long but each time she stays until morning. She likes this guy very much and wants to devote her energy towards him.At the same time she values our friendship and history. You do a lot of "assuming" and you seem to be uncommitted to a deeper relationship with her (IE: Selling your business and traveling). Continuing as you are will end up in a sad ending for everyone. The two of you broke up but continued to have a FWB type situation.

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