My ex boyfriend is dating someone new

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It could be a sign that he's moved onto a new relationship!

This goes hand-in-hand with the ignoring your phone calls.

Let's say that you do have a ton of plans with your ex and suddenly, he starts to cancel them.

So ladies, have you seen your ex cuddled and wrapped around a girl lately?This one might be harder to take though, because it doesn't take long to text someone.If you find that your ex is lagging in his text response time though, it could be a sign that he's texting someone else.You need to think carefully about your next moves to ensure that he maintains a positive image of you. When you know what you are doing it is possible to make your ex boyfriend to see the error of his ways and come back.It's not a simple one-step process to regain a lost relationship, especially if a new relationship is already in play.

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