My daughter is dating an atheist gridview1rowupdating cancel

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FWIW, it's possible for an atheist to date a Christian, but it depends on the specific individuals.

:)Yeah I agree that the possibility of these relationships working aren't nil, but just are going to need a radical positional change from one/both parties. Even before we got together I admired some of the things her church was doing in the community and might see if I can join in. I would say something about having love and lost but it seems so cliche, I guess instead I'll just say I hope you rebound from this and find someone who loves you for you and can accept you for who you are.

There was her first trip to the orthodontist and her first miserable meal of soup after the braces went on.

She got her first pimple, went on her first solo bike trip to a friend’s house and fell hard for her first crush (a boy with a British accent — can you blame her? She was a preadolescent pioneer, hacking her way through the thick underbrush of awkward changes to discover the really cool stuff: tight friendships and a knack for the guitar.

When I was in my early 20's I met the most amazingly kind man. Years later after a marriage and divorce on my part, he and I fell into each others arms. What has made our relationship work is that he will support me in church work.

He dislikes church extremely, but he says he understands it is good for me.

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