Music lovers dating site

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Whether you're looking for a partner to jam with, someone to go to a gig with or just someone who likes the same rock bands as you, look no further.

We have plenty of rock music loving singles for you to meet today!

And now, if Spotify is connected to the profiles, other users can see other liked or common artists.

Starting Tuesday, Anthem will be available to all Tinder users, regardless of whether they have existing Spotify accounts.

I have met someone I couldn't ever have hoped to find.

We have started a relationship which we both already know will last for some time to come.

Tinder is also launching Tinder Music, which gives users set music themes that help them create their favorite playlists.

According to Tech Crunch, the themes include “Discovery,” “Match,” Pre-Swipe,” “Date Night,” and the saccharine “Love at First Swipe.”“Music is an important part of making new connections and getting to know existing ones,” Sean Rad, Tinder CEO told Tech Crunch Tuesday.

Mike and Steph ‘My partner and I started talking on Classic FM Romance in 2011.

Welcome to Rock Music Lover, for rock music lovers. Do you love rocking out, listening to some loud music, going to gigs, playing an instrument or just love the look of people who do?

Whether you're into punk, heavy metal, indie or one of the many different forms of rock music, we've got a single who shares your love and passion.

According to a statement from Spotify, users can now broadcast an “Anthem” on their profiles.

Taking Tinder's swiping feature a step further, the Anthem will refer users who share similar musical interests.

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