Michelle obama dating tips

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Ultimately, this will make the event less draining.

I noticed a common thread in Michelle’s book: certain people had been in her life for a long time. She organized weekends for her longtime female friends at Camp David every few months.

She brought her chef, personal trainer, and stylist from Chicago to D. I understand why she wanted to keep people she knows around in her life, for a few reasons.

I’ve used a similar trick in my life as an introvert.That’s why Barack let Michelle skip the inaugural dinner — he knows she needs her alone time.Surprisingly, the book reveals that Michelle didn’t actually want to be in politics or in the public eye, but she believed the country needed her husband to lead it.There are a number of examples in the book where she makes sacrifices on behalf of her family or groups of disenfranchised people.Even though it was uncomfortable for her, she was able to step outside her comfort zone because she kept her sense of purpose in the forefront of her mind.

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