Mature chatbots

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She further recommends:“Brands looking to leverage chatbots need to sit down with their agencies and/or colleagues and discuss the real objective behind undertaking a chatbot build.

The objective should be deeply rooted in adding value to the consumer and/or driving efficiencies for your business.

Across sales, service and marketing, chatbots foster customer loyalty by providing personalized experiences that engage customers and prospects before, during, and after critical decision-making points.Now it’s easy for anyone to send messages at massive scale through popular mobile chat apps.”“One should not look at a chatbot as a simple messaging service.Chatbots today are designed to not only perform natural language understanding but are also able to perform cognitive service functions such as: The clearest use of chatbots right now is in customer service and online ordering, where it can automate (and in some cases solve) customer issues or complete orders without human interaction. ..." License: Copyright j_meister, all rights reserved Created: Jun 23 2015 Creator: j_meister : Send Message Access: Everyone Id: 25939 Link: Here's a hint for one of them: "You will be assimilated!

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