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She is beautiful and tall enough to pass as a supermodel but aside than appearing beside her husband in public events she has kept herself away from the limelight.It is not known what she does for living or if she is even working.I don't think I know enough about acting to direct. Likely, he made his screen debut in 2002 with ABC’s TV film feature Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.You need to be a slight megalomaniac, not where you want to take over the world, but where you want to make every single decision and the buck stops with you. His breakthrough role was in the romantic comedy, Chasing Liberty (2004), for which he received a nomination at Teen Choice Awards for Choice Breakout Movie Star – Male.Following this, he portrayed ‘Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias,’ a negative fictional character from the graphic novel miniseries ‘Watchmen’ by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, in the film version that released in 2009.Initially, director Jude Law for ‘Ozymandias,’ but he later thought that Matthew’s “big and tall and lean” physique would be more appropriate for the character.His birth name is Matthew William Goode and he is currently 41 years old.

She is seen in almost every function with her partner, be it award function or premier of some movies, you can see her supporting Goode.Daughter of Matthew William Goode is still young, but in the coming future, she will be getting plenty of opportunities.She can be a performer like her father William or enter the world of fashion like her mother, Sophie. There is no information regarding when and how they married, but Matthew married his wife Sophie a while ago.Matthew was the head chorister of the prep school choir group.At the age of 6, he played a singing rodent in ‘Wind and the Willows.’Talking about his profession, Matthew began his acting career through theater.

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