Mary j blige dating kci

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All these people on here hating on K-Ci, I feel him though.

What the fu*k does Mary's success have to do with what he's talking about?

People acting like he's coming out of nowhere to diss Mary. They were close, but he was the lead singer in Jodeci. and Treach said they went through the same thing with Faith and Pepa.

She made a video depicting him as a fu*ked up n*gga that played her on tv. Why the fu*k would he want to be tied down when he's fu*king the baddest bi*ches every night; I know I wouldn't. Some yall act like kci n jojo werent successful with their albums.

"The video is [about] something that happened a long time ago, and it was a very embarrassing moment when I thought I was getting married," she explained to I would tell Mary over and over to go and find a man that is ready to settle down and play hubby.

Their relationship lacked communication Is it me or do he have a tat of her name on his neck?

Anyway this sh*t ain't paying my bills to pay attention to it.

Mary J Blige has always been open about the struggles she has faced in life.

She was abused as a child, her father left her family when she was still a kid, and her mother was an alcoholic.

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