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Even tho i think i look good, it still feels like getting out of the "just talk" to the "lets hang around" thing is nearly impossible. Actually sex is the last thing i desire from a girl.I just want somebody around to laugh with and enjoy life..I am now near my mid 20s and have still yet to go on a date (Yes, this also means I'm still a virgin).The fact that I have never dated made me overly worried about myself and how people would think of me, especially women, but I have gradually started caring less and less about the fact that I have never dated almost to the point where I don't care if it ever happens or not.Im sorry that you havent dated, but I've heard it gets better, i dont know when or how, but i guess it will someday.I hope you can gain a better outlook on your life to a point where you will be happily together with someone! I was bullied a lot in school and always felt like one of the really unpopular kids.However, this has turned into a much darker thought in which I am mostly accepting the idea that I may die alone.

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In turn i have become very picky with the girls i find attractive, but it is my belief that they are out of my league so i dont talk to them out of fear.Regardless, other men, how do you feel about never having dated? I have no problem talking to girls, and I have many close female friends.My problem is that I'm rarely really attracted to a girl until long into the friendzone.This is mostly directed at men 20 years or older, but I guess anyone can answer.During my adolescence, my reasons for not dating were because I was too afraid to approach, had poor social skills, and was probably not deemed as one of the types.

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