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Together with Veronica, she was responsible for uncovering the voting scam that led to Duncan winning the school elections illegally. Poitier's removal from the series was rumored to be due to budget issues.Tessa Thompson portrayed Jackie Cook in the second season as a romantic interest of Wallace and the daughter of a famous baseball player.Mac was a recurring character in the first two seasons but was upgraded to series regular in the third.Julie Gonzalo portrayed Parker Lee, Mac's extroverted roommate at Hearst College, described by Thomas as "everything that Mac is not".Francis Capra portrayed Eli "Weevil" Navarro, the leader of the PCH Biker gang and Veronica's friend.

Tina Majorino portrayed Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, a computer expert befriended by Veronica.

Bell felt that it was "just luck" that Rob Thomas saw that "I have some sass to me, and that's exactly what he wanted".

Bell thought that it was her cheerleader looks and outsider's attitude that set her apart from the other women who auditioned.

Just before his studio test, Daggs read with Bell and had "a great conversation".

He said that she "made me feel comfortable about auditioning", and was a big reason why he became more comfortable playing Wallace as the season went on.

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