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No questions asked.“The biggest improvement I’ve noticed is my ability to genuinely attract high quality people, both men and women.

Not only am I meeting and attracting high quality women who I am attracted to, but I’m also forming friendships with high quality men as well.”“It made me realize that many of my relationships in my life were either toxic or superficial.

Examples that explore in much more depth in a course I recently put together.

Finally, the course describes the most important values for successful relationships and helps you invest in them and reprioritize them.

The course is gender neutral, for any age and for any sexual orientation. Especially those who continue to struggle in their relationships despite putting in years and years of effort (and especially for those who have tried a ridiculous “technique” or two.)Check it out…The Dating and Relationships Course is a series of video lessons.

I’ve worked with men, women, gay, straight — hell, I even worked with a blind man once (he got a girlfriend a few months later). Who you attract (or who you don’t attract) into your life, and who you keep (or who you don’t keep) in your life, essentially boils down to this: . What you value determines what you find attractive.

If you look around, you’ll find a lot of “tricks” and “techniques” out there for dating and relationships. If you value physical appearance above all else, then you will be willing to sacrifice all other traits for physical appearance in a partner.

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