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She fought with those thoughts as decided that the best way to drown them was by shopping.But once her funds were running low and those voices started to creep back up again, she began to sue Drake’s cards instead.Eleanor continued to spend Drake’s money without a second thought and soon began to rack up credit card debt that made her husband more nervous ever moth when he would open his bill statement.He would try to reason with Eleanor, explain how spending more than he makes is not the best financially sound idea for them.Her mother made sure to keep Eleanor’s father as far away from them as she could.Even turning down his offer of guilt money he was offering to send Eleanor to college.On year has passed since Drake forced Eleanor to pay back all the interest she racked up on his business cards.And Eleanor not only made meet Drake’s crazy demands, but also in the process was able to find her mojo once again by cheating behind his back all the while.

But unlike normal bosses, Kevin had one goal in mind other than make money for the company; it was to make Eleanor his personal “fuck slut”.

She went to community college at her mother’s teachings went with her; sleeping and breaking hearts everywhere she would go.

All that changed in her second year when she found out that her mother met a new man and rather than see her mother practice what she preached to her, Eleanor watched as her mother not only didn’t push him away but accepted his proposal for marriage.

As the dates got more extravagant and even more lavish, Drake finally popped the question to Eleanor, catching her off guard.

She said “yes”, but her mind still rang with the words of her mother that she should cheat on Drake and break his heart as well.

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