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For most of my other birthdays I've stayed in my room and cried. I used to hang out with him every weekend and we had fun and we laughed a lot.I've seen all these people I know go out with their friends and have fun and I get incredibly jealous. It was nice but it wasn't when I was happiest.It's not just lonliness but all those feelings with lonliness that I deal with.I'm just some guy that really wants to cuddle and have sex and feel close to someone. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this I just feel like I need to tell someone.A forum where arguing is allowed - although personal insults will not be tolerated. Moderated By: Sci-Fi, Vanilla Creme Our members have made a total of 893,815 posts in 34,974 threads.

I dont have any friends and it'd be really sad throwing a party for one.

It's okay to enjoy life without having another person to tag along.

People may judge me if I go take myself on a date but honestly fuck them chances are I'll never see them again.

I was so depressed I was not even fit to go to school for a year.

When I was 17 I started to be with my extended family a lot more and subsequently got some actual friends in school, and my self esteem and confidence skyrocketed, even if a bit too high sometimes.

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