Long distance online dating who is lamont bentley dating

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According to a new study published in the Journal of Communication, couples in long distance relationships have more meaningful interactions than those who see each other on a daily basis, leading to higher levels of intimacy.The study, which was co-authored by psychologists Crystal Jiang of the City University of Hong Kong and Jeffrey T.Would you be willing to date long distance in order to find true love?

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And if you’re really looking to create a date-like ambiance, don’t be afraid to light candles, buy flowers and get dressed up for the occasion. When you’re able to talk to each other about all of the fun, excitement, and romance that you’re going to have the next time you’re with one another, it can help keep you jazzed up about your relationship in general.

When you’re doing long-distance online dating and you don’t have regular face to face contact with the object of your affection, it’s so much easier to only see the positive aspects of the person you’re interested in.

You might miss out on important cues like facial expressions, tone of voice or even seeing how your love interest interacts socially outside of the online world.

By establishing a relationship beforehand through messages, phone or skype, it allows both parties to ease into dating, often making that first face to face meeting that much more special.

It all comes back to the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – an old adage, that scientists have recently discovered actually holds some weight.

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