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I don’t say the words out loud that “God can’t work through the Internet,” but if you want to get technical, that’s kind of exactly what I’m saying when I differentiate between online dating and “real life.” And for someone who works for an Internet ministry, well, that’s sort of obnoxious.

Have I truly given Him permission to show up in my profile and in my messages?

The site offers an international dating service and has several million profiles worldwide.The way I see it, I have a responsibility to be honest about what I want and need and about what I am capable of.I know I am not the best version of myself online, but I find it easy and a joy to show who I really am and get to know others in person.I’m not sure there’s a right way, or even a wrong way, to date as a Christian.There are many roads to a good relationship; just like every person is unique, every relationship will be also, as two people learn how to walk together.

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