Listview itemupdating event not firing x80004005 error validating windows

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I tried creating an item Updated event: Protected Sub lv Item Edited(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As List View Updated Event Args) Handles list View1. Or am I not wiring up the item Updated event properly?

(I'm having the same problem with the "inserted" event not firing) No, I'm using "handles" clauses in code-behind to capture the "item Updting" and "item Updated" events.

I have overridden this method in my Event Reciever class.

but when we EDIT the existing booking then my ITEMUPDATING() event is not firing. I had inserted a Debugger in Item Updating Event but it is not hitting.

Any pointers on how to retain checkbox states generated by a repeater in the edititemtemplate of a listview would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Stijn Public Sub lv Projects_On Item Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

The link button in the Item Template is labeled "Edit" but uses Command Name="Select".

Data Bind() 'update project bll Project.update Project(itm Project, lbl Test) 'unset edit status lv Projects.

Text & " was successfully updated." 'rebind bind Projects() End Sub ' MARKUP ------------------CODE BEHIND-------------------------------- using System; using System.

inside my usercontrol I should get the data from XML file then dynamically create a table inside the listview which each row include an edit and delete buttons at the last column as you can see in below image.

I have create the table inside the In order to evaluate a postback event, the control must be present on the page.

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