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Between 18, the presidency was exclusively held by Americo-Liberians, the original American settlers of Liberia and their descendants.The original two-party system, with the Republican Party and the True Whig Party, ended in 1878, when the election of Anthony W.The President of the Republic of Liberia is the head of state and government of Liberia.The president serves as the leader of the executive branch and as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia.Overall, 25 individuals have served as president, including Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first elected female head of state in Africa.On January 22, 2018, George Weah was sworn in as the twenty-fifth and current president of Liberia.

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Within seven days of the declaration, the president must state to the Legislature the reasons for the declaration, which both houses must then approve by a two-thirds majority.Additionally, the president has the power to dismiss all appointees from office at his or her discretion.The president may also grant pardons or revoke sentences and fines.He was succeeded by Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first black governor of Liberia.Upon independence in 1847, Roberts was elected as the first president of Liberia.

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