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Leo Man and Capricorn Woman - This is an intriguing, strong woman from Leo man’s perspective, who seems to have a task to teach him how to make a plan, look to the future, and create some order in his life.As a well-organized individual, he could have real trouble accepting her solutions, trying to impose his will as the only valid approach to life.

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LEO-CAPRICORN SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Sexually, Leo and Capricorn may be somewhat mis-matched initially.

With characters almost unmovable in their strength, these partners have a way of standing their ground, ready to defend each other and their bond against everyone that comes near.

Outer influences will bounce off and the only problems they have will come from their inner battles and insufficiencies.

While Leo goes into a major sulk if it doesn’t get a big round of applause for all of (including its most minor) achievements, Capricorn neither needs, nor wants, constant praise and flattery and is also notoriously mean in dishing it out to others.

Leo’s strongly developed personal pride can be easily wounded by what it perceives as the Goats’ lack of appreciation and emotional back-up.

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