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True fans will love all of the possible combinations and sequences you can create in our collection!For the action-savvy, you’ll be right at home with realistic Naruto fighting challenges.It only has a few more chapters after this, I believe, but I have definitive end that I'm going for, at least, which is more than I can say I had for Werefox. 'He was still in his own world when another person sat next to him on the bench, "Are you okay? " he looked over to see that Kurama was hunched over in the same way that he was so they were about the same level, "I'm fine.""Are you sure?Also I apologize in advance for the lame facebook references. Although he had known the answers on the quiz thanks to Kurama's previous help, Hiei was feeling completely lost. " he reached out a hand brushed some of the dark bangs from Hiei's eyes."Just... someone asked."His face paled a little, "Someone knows about us? I thought you didn't care who knew you were gay.""I-I guess, but I'm not really so sure...

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You can even re-live scenes from the comics and simulate characters interacting and dating.It wasn't long before 'Hiei' had worked his way to Kurama's pants, and was taking the hard member into his mouth.With a gasp, Kurama covered his mouth, and bit into the back of his hand as he neared his end, thinking of Hiei."Nngh," Kurama sighed as he came down from his high, only to feel guilt settle in. somehow he felt slightly disgusted with himself, but mostly embarrassed.Keeping his eyes closed, Kurama sat up to take a deep breath.Still feeling warm, Kurama licked his lips as he laid back down, pretending that Hiei was the one pushing him to the bed, and started opening the front of his shirt, picturing Hiei pushing aside his jacket, and pressing his rough hands to his sensitive flesh.

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