Kim sun ah dating validating vision mission and core values

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The drama that gave me a mind blowing first episode immediately faded away.

Park Ki Woong and Lee Joo Hyeon made me complete it. Sun Ah played a supervisor in the Cultural Theft Division to find her treasure-thief father. Talented, caring, intelligent, and ambitious on the inside.

And even if you call me blind or clueless, it was after I watched a number of episodes of each drama that I figured out she was the same one! (2005)In the drama that caused a sensation back in 2005 and is still popular – though many people have no idea why- Kim Sun Ah plays Kim Sam Soon: a hot-tempered, blunt, and impatient woman of 30 who cares nothing about the way she looks and is a talented patisserie.

But after watching the three, there was no way she wouldn’t become my favourite actress. Regardless of the plot, Kim Sam Soon played Hyun Jin Heon (Hyun Bin) up.

Quiet and helpless looking in one minute then fierce and insane in the next, humorous then serious, loving to death – her man and her people, strong and confident as a leader but a fragile woman who breaks down when alone; Mi Rae is a faultless portrayal of all that is admiring to me. She doesn’t know how to divide herself into parts or how to wear masks.

Put the funny Kim Sun Ah aside and face the desperate woman living for revenge. Eun Ah is a happy wife and mother but she loses her husband and daughter in front of her eyes.I started and finished it trying to understand what they wanted to relay. Byung Chul is a cold careless teacher who gave up on relationships.No use trying to tell you anything about the film since I myself didn’t get it! She didn’t talk much but acting strong and diligent May she showed great fighting skills and swiftness. Yoo Ri advances, Byung Chul retreats and their four teenage students observe the relationship while fantasising about their female teacher.Disabled after the crime, she has nothing to wager but her organs.She gathers people desperate for her organs and they plot a plan for revenge.

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