K michelle dating olympian

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If you haven’t seen the Kim Kardashian sex tape, today is your lucky day.WIlliams was not bashful in saying it like she meant it when she asked the Memphis native about her dating life and shockingly, her sex life, asking the singer if she was "sexually fluent." "What that mean Wendy," the reality star asked of the talk show host after being caught off guard by the question.Williams inquired about her relationship with castmate Jocelyn Hernandez, as K has made her return to the Atlanta based new season because they offered her a lot of money, and she will only be filming scenes with the "Puerto Rican princess." The two have been spotted sharing intimate moments with one another so when asked directly, "do you like a little girl on girl action," the singer responded."Yeah, I like to say I'm gay on holidays." Despite being "gay on holidays," that hasn't stopped a blossoming "friendship" between she and Miller, who have become close as of lately according to The YBF.The "Not A Little Bit" singer was spotted on the set of , showing her support for the NFL player.

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