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Additionally the simple date format is inside the while loop and so created fresh each time, this is unnecessary since trivial to ensure it can only be accessed from one thread at a time. While the method shown above certainly works Java FX 2 provides a more developer friendly way of achieving the same result.

Rather than creating a Runnable you create a Task which comes complete with a couple of thread safe properties that can be used to update the UI with the minimum of fuss. As you can see this is similar to the first example just without the less than beautiful anonymous inner Runnable.

If the new information is coming from the another thread however care must be taken to ensure that the update is performed on the Java FX thread.

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pack(); //Visible(true); frame.add(panel); // This belongs here..you shouldn't pack a window until // it's ready to be made visible... The setting of the property Note: As I’m writing this article I’ve noticed that there’s two improvements I could make.As shown the formatting of the date string will take place on the Java FX thread but there’s no need for that it could just as easily happen on the worker thread as long as the result was assigned to a final String variable.Depending on where that new information comes from it can be trivial to update the label or require an understanding of threading and thread safety.If the new information to be displayed on the label comes from the main application thread (the Java FX thread) then it can be set straight into the label, this is safe because the scene graph the label is in is owned by the Java FX thread.

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