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Hundreds of young professionals gather for our Shabbat meals, weeknight evenings and also our weekend events.

Singles get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

With Mazel Match, honesty is the best policy - you will know exactly, no second guessing! Share button on the Home screen to tell your friends/family/co-workers/your neighbor/whoever about Mazel Match, as well as links to our Facebook and Twitter pages! ***********************************************************If you are searching for the below, you've come to the right place!

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They ensure you have an easy & efficient dating experience.

Each Jewish matchmaker gets to know you & your dating criteria, & is available to give advice throughout JDallas's unique Jewish matchmaking process has helped thousands of singles of all ages & backgrounds to find their Jewish soulmate Jewish singles of different ages and locations have had success using the personalized touch of the JDallas system.

Here are some strategies to help you feel confident about yourself in no time! Chaya Newman: In order to make a good impression, each person has to know himself/herself.

Oh, and you don't need to get your credit card out for this one.* UNLIMITED Messaging! * Views: See who you've viewed, who viewed you, and who you've passed.* Location Changer: Want to check out people outside your area? Set a custom location independent of your GPS wherever you might be in the app: while in swipe mode, or by using the Criteria button (Search Around parameter), or by editing your profile (Located in).

However, this is very subjective since each person interprets beauty in a different way.

For example, some men don't like to go out with women who use make-up too liberally.

Every relationship thrives on respecting and understanding boundaries.

The more intimate the relationship, the more one reveals about personal matters, but we always keep something about ourselves private.

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