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Later, she starred in the show that would make her famous, Amy was regarded as a Teen Idol and the favorite of virtually everyone who grew up watching the show. She would stay on the show for two and a half years, eventually quitting so she could take the time to grieve for her mother's death.After three years, she decided to quit in order to further her career, and she was written out. Amy would gain roles in independent films until in 2008 she landed the role of Jules Callaghan in .Since Friday, 07/05/19, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit has been actively conducting follow up with witnesses, Kelso and Kelso’s family.Detectives have made contact with, and conducted interviews with, over 27 individual witnesses regarding the events that took place during the party.There has been no evidence to substantiate any criminal charge against any of the involved parties at this time and Kelso’s injuries were a result of an accident, not that of a deliberate act to injure him.There is also no evidence that this incident was fueled by any racial biases.Casey Mathews and Christopher Schargus tried to restrain Kelso to keep him out of the residence.While being restrained, Kelso and Christopher Schargus fell forward onto the grass in the backyard of the residence.

Amy Jo Johnson (born October 6, 1970) has since gained a reputation as one of several Rangers who made it big after their stint on the series.Deputies and detectives attempted to interview Kelso multiple times and were unsuccessful due to family referring the Sheriff’s Office to an attorney.(Kelso was never considered to be the subject of a criminal investigation from the Sheriff’s Office perspective, which would require him to have legal representation).All witnesses indicated there were no racial or derogatory comments made during the party.All witnesses stated there was no fight, argument or other type of animosity between anyone during the party.

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