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Attorneys must abide by the Canon of Ethics promulgated by the American Bar Association and those of regional oversight authorities. Many proponents of the ethics curriculum in policing have argued for values-based training in academies. What is somewhat new is the extent to which this value system is enforced.Doctors are bound by a rigid code of care and fidelity to their patients the neglect of which may result in disciplinary measures. Consider the facts of , 528 F.3d 762 (10 cir., 2008) published this past June.Two federal district court cases from the mid-eighties highlight the distinction. Ruling against the police union, the district court found the city’s requirement to be within its power. LEXIS 24103 (ED Pa., 1986), in which the police commissioner sought to have all officers seeking assignment to a new special investigations unit complete a detailed questionnaire.

Nor would there be argument that an individual employed within the profession be bound by it.

If there is a reasonable relation to the information sought and the government’s interests the inquiry will be upheld. §1983, alleging civil rights violation on the part of the City which sought a list from every city employee of all city properties they owned.

Barring that, a personal inquiry with no bearing on a legitimate government interest would be disallowed. 1556 (WDNY, 1984), the president of the Rochester Police union sued under 42 U. Due to the disrepair of numerous properties within the city and concerns over urban decay, the city sought the list since its Code of Ethics prevented any city employee from owning property in violation of municipal or state laws.

The ability of a police department to regulate officers as it sees fit to accomplish agency mission and service goals is rarely assailed in court. In ” but which nonetheless are related to the department’s overall mission and organization.

Over the years officers have made attempts to persuade courts to relax agency dictates. Regulations upon officer conduct when off-duty have been similarly upheld to the extent those regulations did not pry into personal matters.

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