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As Birt () explains, the instigators of the PVE believe they must counter the attraction of Islam for the second and third generation, whom they perceive to be at risk of radicalization, by promoting a “progressive and moderate” English Islam.

Participants’ difficulty to perform “the good Muslim” in the competitive environment of “match-making” reveals the intrinsic fragility of religious norms and the inherent ambiguities and doubts, which mark the modern human experience.These situations of disjuncture between actors’ performances and the frame used by receivers to make sense of them demonstrate that the quest for the “good ethical life” - that is, the search for “living rightly” according to one’s faith – is a tightrope walk during which each step involves finding the right balance between values that are not all necessarily dictated by faith.These ambiguous performances illuminate the fragmented and ambivalent nature of modern subjectivities based on the coexistence of contrasted motivations, objectives, and identities (Ferrié ).Most Pakistanis belong to the Barelwi tradition and consequently the mosques are strictly aligned according to the confessional affiliation of the local community where they are implanted.The appearance of Sharia councils, improperly called “Islamic tribunals” by the press, reflects the transformations of Muslim religious practice in England.

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