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They are mortal enemies which guarantee ratings and the franchise needs a big boost in some city to keep waning interest flagging.New York almost didn't even get aired this time around but the producers want to keep it because it is currently the least expensive to shoot. Kelly and Bethenny are asking about quadruple what a regular Housewife would get paid.There is talk they would only have to actually hang out together a few times and those of course would be what you would end up seeing because they both know what their roles would be.It is an interesting idea but would Bethenny take a step back?

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Sanchez Jill hires new housewife Jennifer Gilbert to plan her holiday bash.

Elsewhere, a stunned Bethenny discovers that her pregnancy was leaked on the blogosphere; drama sharpens between Alex and...

See full summary » Director: Matt Elkind Unlike any other challenge on Project Runway, the designers need to step it up when they are challenged to create avant garde looks that will be able to stand up to the elements, especially...

See full summary » Director: Rich Kim The Housewives take a trip to meet Kim's psychic advisor, where Ne Ne gets an eerie prediction.

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