Is deelishis dating drake dating russian ru slovak

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The rapper looks really happy with Sade nestled under his arm, making fans think she might be Drake’s new girlfriend in 2017.Whether or not the two are actually dating is not known at this time.Former VH1 reality stars have been in the media a lot lately.I guess people want Flavor Flav’s left over big booty freaks.

However, his love life has taken a chaotic road as he has been linked up with a number of females which has raised a lot of questions as well as some eyebrows.

Wiz Khalifa also posted a video clip to his Instagram of Deelishis twerking to “Ass Drop,” the same song ex wife Amber Rose twerked to for him.

Most people want a feeling of stability in their relationship while it can remain just another word for some as they keep on banging back and forth throughout their affairs.

Although their relationship was never confirmed, it was pretty visible.

The two were caught making out after Serena’s win in a Cincinnati tournament while out to dinner with friends.

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