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Ant updates us on a Gavin Mc Innes article and the repercussions he caught from it, he take a few agreeing and opposing calls on the topic, plays some viral "ice bucket" challenge videos and then, ogles a new Jess Greenberg song.

He wraps up the show talking about Belle Knox, a new video game you'll want to get in on, and takes a few more listener calls. Comedian Bobby Kelly sits poolside with Anthony to go over the now infamous "Time Square incident" which leads into convos about past fights, prison verses juvenile hall, and Bobby's theory that most rock stars speak "half-queer." Bobby fill us in on his upcoming FX show, they debate who gets the most pussy in a rock band, talk about hecklers and bullies, and Bobby admits that parenthood has made him "cheesy." No, that's not a fat joke.

We learn about a new apology given by ESPN, talk Uzi's, Chelsea Handler leaving late night TV, and we catch a glimpse of Chip Chipperson.

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Ant starts the show revisiting Miley Cyrus at the VMA's and her "homeless movie star," we see a few clips of real homeless guys, watch two horrendous "ice bucket challenge" videos, and listen in on a couple of calls.

In the second hour, they take a few listener calls, somehow get into a convo about deli sandwiches, chat it up about Andrew Dice Clay, the MTV days, Off-Track Betting, and of course, there were plenty of Long Island references.

East Side Dave joins Anthony poolside to talk about the ongoing "radio war" with Ron Bennington and end up talking about what movies truly gross in theaters.

Bringing the show to a close, he talks about a new app called "Sketch Factor" and finishes up with more listener calls.

Sean Bergin kills it once again as he joins Anthony at the bar to revisit the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the death of Robin Williams.

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