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Appearing on the BBC’s , Gwynne was challenged over the issue.He said: “It’s above my pay grade to step into Middle Eastern politics, but the Iranian regime, much of what it stands for I find completely abhorrent—the hanging of gay men for example.According to Human Rights Watch, in February 2008, the police in Isfahan raided a party in a private home and arrested 30 men, who were held indefinitely without a lawyer on suspicion of homosexual activity.In April 2017, police reportedly arrested 30 men at an event in Isfahan Province, and charged them with “sodomy, drinking alcohol and using psychedelic drugs.” Alireza Nader, CEO of US-based advocacy group New Iran, told the “Next time Foreign Minister Zarif speaks in Washington, the host and audience should ask him why his regime is one of the top executioner of gays in the world.” In January 2018, the then-Labour shadow minister Andrew Gwynne condemned Iran’s anti-gay legislation, after leader Jeremy Corbyn was criticised for not speaking out against it.Iran is one of the very few countries still to execute juvenile offenders.

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Teenager accused of killing “Iran’s strongest man” set to be hanged The Iranian authorities must halt the execution of a 17-year old accused of killing an athlete known as “Iran’s strongest man”, Amnesty International said today.He was charged with having gay sex, which is punishable by death under Iran’s Sharia law, and kidnapping the two 15-year-old teenagers.According to the report from the Iranian Students’ News Agency, following the hanging, “the citizens of Kazeroon expressed satisfaction and thanked the judiciary.” Gay sex has been illegal in Iran since the revolution in 1979.Women demonstrate against the situation in Iran during the Christopher Street Day (CSD) gay pride parade in Berlin on June 19, 2010.Gays and lesbians around the world celebrate the Christopher Street Day (CSD) gay and lesbian pride parade, arguably the most important date in their calendar.

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