International jewish dating

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(Fass and Apple both focus on matching heterosexual couples; they connect LGBTQ singles to another matchmaker in their network.) To understand clients’ goals and outlook, Fass asks where clients see themselves in five years and what they consider a fun date.“Most smart people just say: ‘It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, as long as I’m with good company/the right person.’ That’s the smartest response and the truest in my book,” Fass said.

Apple and Fass charge about ,000 for matchmaking services but offer dating coaching and consulting for less.

Women are often picky about height, Apple added, and although women say “sense of humor” is a priority, matchmakers often have to find out what that really means. So stop judging weight.” One client of Apple’s would accept only dates with oval-shaped faces. I never heard that before.” Fass had one client who insisted that all of his dates wear dresses.

“Remember not to judge height, age or location,” Fass said. “You can’t force someone to wear a dress,” she said.

Apple noted that entrepreneurs say they want women who are busy, but not too busy for them.

Fass said that beyond “Jewish,” her male clients are looking for someone “attractive to them,” for a “nonjudgmental place to land when they come home,” and for partners with some kind of passion, like volunteering.

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