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Anyone using a marriage agency with more restricted hours can relate. ” “I´ve witnessed Jamie in action and can verify he is the real deal and if I were looking to get serious, I would employ International Introductions without hesitation and I consider him .And I know of two others as well that have married good girls from his agency.And while Sol Maria is happily married in California, her Barranquilla address 16 months later as of August 20 2004 continues to be sold by all of the following marriage agencies: I was on Jim´s Gold list.Jim was having a dispute with an owner of a foreign bride forum.I am not going to highlight those differences, but if one does a real comparison they can see the added benefits.While I am not a discount shop, I do provide competitive prices with better service. Jamie The above example was posted on the Planet Love foreign bride forum in September of 2003 showing the same Latin woman on five different websites.I have never been mistreated by any of the other marriage agencies; I met with success from the very start.

I think it would be best for you to rethink and retract the negative comments you have made against Dan.

That’s why we have created a proven system that will provide you with exclusive access to the profiles of real Ukrainian women that are interested in meeting sincere, eligible men just like you.

Watch the video below of Kurt Kazanowski, owner of Dolce Vita Dating Agency, as he explains what Dolce Vita is and how it is different from all other Ukrainian Dating Agencies.

Most if not all of my dates showed up and on time!!!

All of my first dates were interesting.” “Those are the .

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    In furtherance of this purpose and to honor and promote our moral and religious beliefs, we donate a portion of our business proceeds to organizations that promote strong traditional marriages, such as Focus on the Family.

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