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It's very very sexy but it's hard to date somebody like that cause they expect the same from you. It seems that most women tend to fall in three categories 1# super hot but also pretty dumb (and full of cum) 2# really smart but disregards looks 3# average chick, relatively smart or dumb Very rarely do you see a super hot 9,7866/10 hbb that is also doing an insane study at a uni and even if they do they most of the times don't mess around that much with random guys. Smart AND attractive girls are hard to find but they are there. *Dutch crew* * Xbox One Crew* *lives in The Netherlands crew* Current Goal BP:122kg/ BP 130kg DL: 190kg DL 200kg SQ: 110kg SQ 120kg OHP: 65kg OHP 70kg Weighted dips: 60kg Weighted Dips; 70kg weighted pull ups: 40kg Weighted pull ups: 45kg This poster is somewhat right. I went traveling for 3 months this year and she found is so 'unattractive' because I could be accomplishing 'so much'. As said above these chicks will date a calm guy or maybe have a short period in when they sloot around and then will want to settle down pretty quick and have kids and chit like that. It is there that you will find the support you need from a community that can empathize with you.Please Click Here to browse a list of all chat rooms.

Since 2002, Intelligent People has been helping candidates and businesses in London and the South East with their recruitment. It's very very sexy but it's hard to date somebody like that cause they expect the same from you. Has a masters in economics and working for a global company. May have myself a keeper Dating driven people isn't easy. We would have dinner, spending the night together, I'd smash and we would fall asleep at 2-3am. It was weird but something about it was really sexy. Dating very intelligent and driven people isn't easy. I know intelligent women who couldn't care less if their man isn't filling every spare minute of his day with sh*t. My gf is really intelligent and it was her looks that got me interested in the first place.All the misc talk about how inferior women are and how they're all I personally met some pretty smart girls in my university, like on a level where they can challenge me intellectually (not saying I'm smart but you get what I'm saying) but you don't find them in parties, you find them in the library or in student clubs. Has a belly and isn't hot, but I'm very much in love with her still. These women have interests other than being your average American sloot who goes to party every weekend get wasted and grind on random dudes. She surrounds herself with people like her and they do weird, quirky things. Nah, I know quite a few girls who are hot and are smart.

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