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“I haven’t really had the chance to talk with Fluttershy one on one.

Do you think she’ll mind that I’ve tagged along today?

” The purple and cerulean mane bounced up and down as the pony walked.

It was a bright and sunny day, with a cool breeze blowing softly.

Both Twilight and Fluttershy looked at her, unsure of what they could say in response.“Did you try to destroy the world or rule it?

Some would argue that I did both, and I won’t stop them!

Starlight was already sweating, not from the summer heat, but from the nervousness she was feeling.“Actually, that’s one of her worst nightmares, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think it’ll be good for both of you to get out of your comfort zones.” Twilight’s words did not give a boost of confidence like she had hoped. ” A lion’s paw and an eagle’s claw grabbed onto Twilight, pulling her into a hug.

” Starlight asked as she fidgeted a hoof against the chair’s upholstery.

It was then that he noticed the third pony, a pony he had never seen before.“Oh, wait. ” Discord eyed the pink coat and elegant mane, unsure what to make of the new arrival. Starlight squirmed in her seat, trembling in anticipation of what Twilight’s reaction would be. Starlight had never seen a draconequus before, let alone one that obeyed a pony.

She looked at the disgruntled expression on her mentor’s face, hoping for her to speak up in defense. Was he really the Spirit of Disharmony, she thought.

A wink and a smile were all Twilight responded with as the two crossed the bridge outside the grassy cottage. Fluttershy had been expecting her friend’s arrival but had not anticipated Starlight as well. “I didn’t expect so much company today, this is wonderful! I thought it would be nice to invite her along, but if I had known Discord would be here I would have just waited.”A smile wavered for a moment before Fluttershy shook her head. You’ll get to try some of Discord’s delicacies.” She turned and looked at the worried Starlight.

As the two drew closer to the door, a bright, white light sprung forth from the windows, followed by a loud shattering and clanging. “Plus, it’s always nice to have friends over.”Starlight gave a sigh of relief, the worry of upsetting one of the most easily agitated ponies in all of Ponyville had weighed heavily on her mind.

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