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And of course when it came to defending himself from dark threats he was a bloody to teach you? And I have no concern for what others think or say."Normally, that statement is simple bravado, a person telling herself that she's not hurt when others insult her or don't invite her to parties. Tips for false readings in class would also be useful.""I guess I can do that.Wouldn't you be better off with Lavender or Parvati? The skill cannot be taught.""If that's what you think, then why are you taking the class? " Harry was feeling more and more puzzled by this conversation. I don't think this talk is going to be one we want to have in the middle of the corridor."There weren't any vacant classrooms in that corridor – every one was already in use, with either club meetings or students practicing or actual classes. Are you sure you want to go in the broom closet with me? When Daphne said it, Harry had the feeling it was the simple truth."OK, so we're here. You're taking Divination even though it can't be taught, and you're having problems. Don't tell anyone, but Ron and I just make up stuff for the homework.""I had concluded that was the case.You were right the first time: I can't help helping people who need it.""And I have told you that I am likely to need your help for the rest of this school year. I can best keep your interest by being your girlfriend, in particular through regular sexual activity."Harry was still uneasy about Daphne's plainly stated plans.He was very embarrassed to be talking about sex at all, and especially with a girl.

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"Er, I think she'd have to like me first, before you could make her jealous.""I could actually act as your girlfriend rather than simply pretend. I'm surprised Hermione let out your leash long enough to talk to anyone else."What? Harry wondered if Parvati was still angry about their date last winter.

A passing grade was required before OWLs, though he couldn't figure out how you could fail Divination. This will lead to my being withdrawn from Hogwarts. Yours and Weasley's stood out in the garishness of the predictions, as well as the great variability from day to day.

This will lead to my father selling me to a brothel to recoup some of the cost of five years' schooling."Harry started to nod, then, "Wait. By contrast, most students' predictions were more modest and fell into regular patterns.""Huh. Maybe Ron and I should scale back a little bit.""I do not think so. I've been cheated, lied to, lied about, attacked, abused, and stared at for four and a half years.

Or, um, I think they said Pansy is pretty good, too.""I do not want you to teach me Divination.""Then what were we just talking about? It began with him being surprised in the hallway and spun out of control from there."We must take a minimum number of classes. I, not my father, would be sold to a brothel."That clarification didn't help. Last week I went to Trelawney's office to ask for assistance.

Divination is supposed to be an easy class with little study or homework." Harry nodded agreement. "However, I am having great difficulty with the class and as things are going will not be able to pass the class and will not be permitted to take the Divination OWL." Harry nodded again. She had drunk herself asleep, so I read several homework papers to gain tips.

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